My escape

Monday Mood Inspiration ✨At home 🏡 Someone pinch me… please. Until this nightmare virus goes away, we’ll just swim in color, hide in polka dots, fill our walls with photographs, and create our own path. Making the best of our homebody situation. Hang in there my dear Friends, 30 days 🗓 is a short time to pay so we can harbor safety for the rest of our life. Live in your space. Create a sanctuary for your home. Make a path in your secret garden and take advantage of time- the only sacred phenomenon we can never get back.

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I must admit. As I stare at my blank walls, I’m jealous of the gorgeous interiors I’m about to show you. I had a plan this year, which included decorating my newly built master suite. I guess we’ll all need to wait for the extras for now. Life is full of surprises. Feels like the rug was pulled from beneath all our feet, right?

This mood is my escape. An exquisitely furnished room or bedside. Socratic irony in our social distancing.  A perfectly manicured pathway to my secret garden. And of course, free falling from outer space and skiing on daisies. Join me and enjoy the mood.

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  • Rachel Medina
    Posted at 08:42h, 24 January Reply

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